Sweet Potato Press creates games and other interactive works, with a focus on analog role-playing and story-telling games.

Games: Published

The Dance and the Dawn A game for 3-5 players, played over a chessboard. One player plays the part of the Narrator (and will control the Duke and Queen, as well as several Lords), and the other players will each control one of the Ladies. The game is a bit of a fairy tale and a bit of a puzzle: each Lady is trying to determine the character of the various Lords, and must pick one at the end of the game.

Space Hunters A bounty hunting expansion to the Vast & Starlit collection of microgames about space-faring rogues. In just over 500 words, you’ll establish thematic tones of Gravity and Velocity as you follow your bounty hunters through new quarries, new plots, and new dangers.

Games: Coming Soon!

Companions’ Tale After the Hero is long gone, all we have are the stories told by the Companions who knew them best – but those stories do not always agree. What was the Hero’s legacy?

Love Commander A human commander and a motley crew of aliens must unite to save the universe. Along the way, they’ll have to reveal secrets, gain trust, and maybe start an ill-considered romance. All this with a deck of cards and in under an hour.

Starjump Chronicles A collaborative space adventure story game. Space is calling, so get a crew, get a ship, find new places, find trouble, and make some noise. You’ll be creating your universe and discovering your relationships and complications as you play.

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Sweet Potato Press is a collaboration by Laura Simpson and Dev Purkayastha.